Bumping Around With Bubble Football

Butterfly Menikmati Dunia

I never like watching football match. My husband, Daniel, he try so hard to make me watch the world cup. But I only can stand in the first minutes of it while my thumb dancing on the phone. Yup I just pretend to watch it hihihihi.

Why I don’t like football? I really hope that football can make a fast score like basketball, which in every five minutes the score will jumping around. Ya…ya…ya…I know its football not basketball.  Let just says that I’m just impatient to wait for the goal to happen hihihi.

But its different when I watch bubble football match. Have you heard about it? This football is so much fun than the ordinary one. At least for me, this is more entertaining.  You will see players bump to each other when they playing. For the players is also fun, because they try to makes the opponents fell down more often than kicking the ball into the net. I think if Luis Suarez play this game, he will bump so hard to Giorgio Chiellini rather than bite him.

Bumping has become the magnet for this game. Bangkok Booble Football (BFF) Coordinator, Bradley Martin said, mostly at the first 10 or 15 minutes, players will play football as normal, but after that they just bumping around. When I watched the match, I really feel the excitement. Me and others fans even laugh together with the players who just got bumped in the field.

So what is exactly bubble football? It is a football where the players inside bouncing inflatable bubble suits. Inside this bubble there will be handles and straps. The straps will crosswise on the chest so players won’t jump out when they bumping each others. And the handles will help players to control the bubble while they running during the game.

Like standard football, this game also played 90 minutes. But mostly, Martin added, the players will play it more shorter because you need to twice the energy to play this game. Caring big bubble while chasing ball is not an easy job. I did try that giant bubble and yup it was really heavy. The bubble weigh is about 13-20 Kg. I also try to running with it, and five minutes after that I am sweating like shit. “That is why we offer other games like, bobble race, bobble sumo, and bobble buldog. They can play anything with this giant bubble,” said Martin.

What differentiate bubble football and football is the players. In this game there will be five players in each team that include a goal keeper. “Every team consist of 5 players in the field and 3 substitutes players,” Martin added.

I am so curious to know where this game came from. So I google it, they said Henrik Johan and Elvestad Golden who created. This two Norwegians thought football would be more fun if the players were enclosed inside giant transparent plastic bubble. The first match was shown in Norwegian television at the end of 2011 and people saw it as a joke instead of a fun game. But after viewing it on YouTube, people dying to try.

The director of BFF, Danny Chang, told me that in recent years the game is famous in England and United State. Now they bring the craziness of this game in to Bangkok. The game officially launched last week (15/06).  “Actually their is no official name for this game, but we name it bobble because  the writing quite similar with football, so it will be more playful to remember,” he said.

If you are interested with this game, BFF will provide you with 10 bubbles and a referee. They also have couples partner facilities in Bangkok. So you can choose any sport facilities near your office or home and BFF will arrange everything. All you need to do just come to the field, enjoy the game and bump around.

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