Songkran, The Most Excited Water War On Earth

Butterfly Menikmati Dunia

Starting from 13-16th April, Thailand celebrating Songkran. It is Thailand’s new year. To celebrate it you don’t need trumpet nor balloon because all you needed is water gun and white powder talc.

Yes the Thai’s entering their new year by getting wet with fully white face. It’s fun because you will allowed to shoot every people near you with water. Yup water is our ammo  to win the battle.

Me and Daniel already prepare our guns a week before Songkran. Since the ammo is water so the weapon is water gun. But I’ll mention it as gun so you can feel the battle ambiance.

Talking about gun, choosing it was not easy. As a new Bangkokian, we were amaze with how many series of guns they sold. At first Daniel choose the small one, but I remind him it’s going to be a long battle. It’s a street war you never know how crazy the enemy will be. You also don’t know where the next amo station will exist because from what I heard the street will full of people.

So we choose the big guns. I even took a double shot gun as my surviving tools. Its a gun which by the time you pull the trigger out there will double ammo spreading at your face. For Daniel, he choose the single shot gun. I was clearly  knew who my closest target will be >:)

The battle has came on first day of Songkran and we are ready to win it. Our first battle was few steps from our condo. There were bunch of kids gathering with their guns. A brief info, our condo is next to the Thailand water authority. The kids was stand in front of the office with  big bucket of water that completed with water faucet, so their ammo will never drain out.

Me and Daniel smile each other. It was a smile where you encourage your partner to bring down the enemies together. A very confident smile to make those kids soaking wet. But what happens was they stand their ground with a help from one man, maybe one of the kids father. As a parent, this man will support his kid to reach victory. He is the captain. He was holding the water faucet and giving order to shoot everyone who cross their land. It was easily done for him to make us strongly wet.  Even though we felt little bit cold inside the train but we are starting to feel excited. We laugh to each other as sign that we were ready for the main course battle. 

In every train station there will be group of people with guns in their hand enter the train. This made me want to be in the battle zone right away,  even though we don’t know where the zone will be. The internet and social media told us to come to Khaosan or Silom Road. This is backpacker most wanted place so there will be noise to entertain the tourist. And what we do was just followed where these people will stop. 

Every time the train touch the station I will put my eyes on the people, seeing if their make any movement. At the Siam Station, they were rush out side. I grab Daniel’s hand and following the movement. But suddenly Daniel pull me back. He said we don’t need to follow them. I ask why, he just smile. I was really mad because we are agree to follow the crowd. He took me to other train.

My face was red and I really want to shoot him with my gun. But he just smile, “Trust me you will have your battle.” I can’t accept that kind of answer, so I ask him to give me clear answer. “You the one who don’t like if we change the plan in the last minute but you the one who broke it. At the train you said, we are going where ever those people goes. But outside the train you just change the rute,” I murmured. “Relax, you’ll be safe and sound at the war zone. Trust me.”

“Where we are going?” I started to make sure that he remember our plan. “To Silom, right,” he answered with smiley face.
“So why we don’t took the train at Siam?” Again, he just smile at me. “We should took the Silom line at Siam station,” I said calmly. I become calm not because I obey his order but because I starting to understand his plan.

If we took the train from National Stadium station, we will get sit and don’t need to rushed inside.  Again, he just smile and said this, “Now you understand.” I kiss him and said I am sorry for being so mad before. By the time our train arrive at Siam Station again, we both saw how those people rushed inside and some of them even don’t get any sit. “Makasih ya sayang.” I said that once again to Daniel with a kiss on his cheek and hug him tight hihihihi.

Arrived at Sala Daeng station, we give our self to be in the war zone. We get out from the train station and found thousands of people ready to make us wet. The more you get inside the crowd the more wet you can get. Sometimes they just throw you with bucket of ice rocks! Yup it was a cold bloody water war.

But not just water, some of them will also giving you wishes which symbolized by the white powder swap to your face.  At first I was shock when somebody did it to me. Can you imagine in the crowd full of people suddenly there is a man or women who come closer to you and swipe the white powder in your wet face. I was scream but after that his wai (a traditional Thailand bow to show respect) at me. He also saying something with smiley face. Right after that I remember this is how they sending wishes so this new year will bring a lot of happiness. So I wai at him too.

Daniel also get white powder on his face but he didn’t remember who give it to him. The place is crowded and all I can do is hold Daniel hand so tight so we won’t separated. Its going to be very hard to find each other if one of us get lost. All I can imagine if I get lost is find a quite place to open my plastic bag to take out my smartphone. But I am really sure that I won’t find any of that, not a quite place to make a call or my Daniel. It will be like looking for waldo in the painting. So that is why I will never release his hand.

After few shoot, I felt my gun is stuck. I don’t feel that my gun can make people wet. Lucky me, Daniel lend me his guns. I try it and it feel so powerful. I saw my target knows his/she been shoot. “Your gun is better than mine,” I said to Daniel.
“You need to sharpen your instinct in choosing guns.” He said that with his victory face. But I know he love me so much. After that he just let me to use his gun all the time hihihihihi.

It was fun. Its feel like dancing in the rain with all Bangkokian, not only because lot of people shooting their gun but also the fireman open the fire hose to this water madness. By the time the fireman open the fire hose there will be no secure place. Getting wet is the main role of this new year celebration so play it well. Hihihihihi.

I do know now why lot of people from different country fly to be in Thailand at Songkran. It is a celebration where you can still walking around in your wet outlook but no one will think you weird or crazy. For three day in a row every where you go just prepare to get wet.

Even though you wear neat outfit there still a change they shoot water to you. Like on our second day of Songkran, we get out of the house earlier to avoid that water madness. But this water authority office beside our condo not giving us another option.  The man keep spreading water from the faucet and smilingly saying naning…naning…naning. Don’t ask me what is it mean, because I don’t have any clue for what his talking about. One thing  that I understand is he swept a way my make up. So there goes my powder and blush on hihihihi. After he realize that we doesn’t want to get wet, the man gave his apology but still with face of victory.

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  1. Ceritaeka
    April 23, 2014 at 5:06 am

    Emang yaaaa April tuh puanas bener di Bangkok, festival ini udah bener banget deh 😀 hehehe

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