What cross your mind when you hear, Bangkok Shutdown.  Chaos or jammed, maybe this is your answer. I suggest you have to add one more, STYLISH.

Before the shutdown starts, People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) did demonstration rally. They were progressively  making statement about their political agenda. But I did not only seize that. I also captured the way they proclaiming their fashion statement during the demonstration rally. That is why when the PDRC announced the shutdown start at January 13th, my biggest concern is their style.

So I went to Central World, one of demonstration location, to pick up the protesters outfit debut. My first glaze was there teenage girls sitting in the skytrain doing their nail sticker. The sticker motif is Thai’s flag. I am trying to capture the moment with my pocket camera, but I can’t. I was standing so I need to stay still in that moving train.

I saw these teen faces, they are excited.  Three of them are wearing black t-shirt with jeans. One of them wearing teashades eyeglasses, the one that Jhon Lennon used to wear. The other one is wearing blue cloche hat.  I believe they are my first fashion review for today. I smiled at my husband,  believing I will have one colorful day at this first day for Bangkok Shutdown.

By the time my husband entering his office gate, I was capturing bunch of protesters buying t-shirt. The design is simple but attractive. They draw the computer shutdown and restart icon to speak their political will in reforming Thailand from Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

I put my self in the crowd to find fashionista among the protesters. Is easy to catch them because Bangkokian is known as their fashion minded. The PDRC don’t speak in one tone of color, not like the demonstration in 2010 where the name of the protesters are red t-shirt people.

The PDRC took the Thai’s flag color, red-white-blue,  into their creative fashion ornament. They wear heart shaped hairband or to look more cute they wear rabbit ears hairband. I also found various shaped of earing and bracelet. As long the color is red-white-blue, earing and bracelet are perfect touch for the moment.

They also make whistles looks more catchy. The protesters blowing the whistles to symbolic announcement of against the controversial amnesty bill that proposed by the prime minister. The protesters believe that amnesty bill is designed to bring Yinluck’s brother which is also former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra back from a self-imposed exile without serving a jail sentence for corruption.

So the protesters hung whistles around their necks and blowing it every time their protest leader spark the energy of changing. To make it more stylish, some of the protesters wear cartoon shape whistle like Minnie Mouse or Doraemon.

I have to admit it, the whistles has provoke me to have at least one fashion icon from this shutdown moment. So I bought it and my choice is a boy scout whistle with red-white-blue string. But I choose not to hung it in my neck, because I think it will be more trendy if I use it as bracelet.  I wrapped my left hand with it.

Looking stylish is not only women expertise. Man are also actively taking part on this one. I saw few of them wearing short with attractive color to look more cheerful. But I also found man wearing straw or cowboy hat to look more masculine. But a simple   shirt with red-white-blue tie are also elegant fashion statement to make.

And for the upbeat people, flag face painting will perfect the day.  Or maybe a pompom hairband will also do the magic. But one thing for sure, from what I saw at this first day of Bangkok Shutdown, being the part of the political movement it doesn’t mean you have to look monotonous like the house of representative members. That is the old days.

As a energetic leaders in the future, let’s be more politically active. Because in every little changes that happen in your country will effect your future. Just don’t forget to look voguish in every political fashion statement you make.  Like Yves Saint-Laurent always says, “Fashion fade, style is eternal.”



  1. Messa
    January 18, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    How’s everything in Bangkok, kak? Kabarnya kudengar ada peringatan ya kalau mau datang ke Bangkok…

    • Butterfly Menikmati Dunia
      January 18, 2014 at 2:34 pm

      Iya ada beberapa dubes yg kasih travel warning. Kalo siang relatif aman sebenarnya. Tp ada beberapa malam mulai ada insiden. So far masih terkendali karena demo mereka relatif damai. Pasang panggung, jualan dan pasang tenda. Tapi transportasi kaya kereta dan kapal masih beroperasi jadi turis jalan-jalannya siang ampe sore hehehehe. Thank you for asking ya neng

      • Messa
        January 20, 2014 at 12:19 am

        Ok kak no problem 🙂 Take care 🙂

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