Temples Is My Beautiful Christmas Gift In Bangkok


Grand Palace Bangkok

Christmas is the time for families. But this Christmas we are far from our families. Adelina and Sasha’s visit gave us the most perfect touch to our Christmas, a warm existent of a family member.

Both of them are our friends from Bulgaria and German, who now live in Kuala Lumpur. They are the sweetest couple you ever meet. Knowing that we have move to Bangkok, they made a plan to come visit us. They have chosen a perfect time. Christmas.

So on the 25th of December we celebrate Christmas in Bangkok. How we celebrate Christmas? The answer is by visiting the temples. Yes, we celebrate Christmas in Buddha temple. Even though is not a common place to celebrate Christmas, but I still feel the greatness of love. Christmas speak about love right?

In Bangkok you will found temples everywhere, from in front of the malls, in the side of the street, or in the middle of the market. Speak the same language of love. The love between the Creator to His creation. That what I see when I visit Grand Palace, especially in Temple of Emerald Buddha.

I admire how the Thai people express their love to Buddha. Even though I don’t completely understand the Buddha’s teaching or what are the pilgrim praying in the temple, but I do feel the beautiful interaction between divine love and humble creation.

I think, this is what every religion speaks about. In that extraordinary place, I pray. I am thanked God for letting us to celebrate Christmas in that temple. I am amaze to see every detail of the temple is designed to glorify Buddha. The color is beautifully blended to express the adoration to Buddha. I am thanking God for humbly knowing that Human-God relationship is captivating.

After visiting Grand Palace, we walk to another temple. This also a famous temple by the river Chao Phraya. Most tourists know this temple from postcard or travel brochure. It is called Wat Arun. In means the temple of dawn.


Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn

After the sun gradually out of sight, we will see Wat Arun temple is shoned by tangerine light. I feel the warm color of dawn slowly lead me to other side of the temple.

In the day light, I only see the firmness of the temple. But when the dawn comes, you will see how this builds of stone temple also able to express their present in softness. Even though Wat Arun means temple of dawns, but you can still amaze to see it at sunset.

I am enjoying my Christmas this year. I’ve got two beautiful temples as my Christmas gift. I believe this beautiful love of God-Human relationship is the essence of every religion. All we have to do is just embrace it so we can fulfill our life. Marry Christmas my dear friends, let the joyful of this day enlighten your day forever. Because God love you so much.



  1. Messa
    January 3, 2014 at 3:46 am

    Merry christmas and happy new year kak 🙂

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