I Come Before Dawn


Ini asal pilih aja ya, dan sepertinya cocok juga.

From Rumi Selected Poems
Section :
16.Rough Metaphors : More Teaching Stories

Muhammad says,
“I come before dawn to chain you and drag you off.”
It’s amaizing, and funny, that you have to be pulled away
from being tortured, pulled out into this Spring garden, but that’s the way it is.

Almost everyone must be bound and dragged here.
Only a few come on their own.

Children have to be made to go to school at first.
Then some of them begin to like it. They run to school.

They expand with the learning. Later, they receive money
because of something they’ve learnerd at school,
and they get really excited. They stay up all night, as watchful and alive as thieves!
Remember the reward you get for being obedient!

There are two types on the path. Those who come againts their will, the blindly religious people, and those who obey out of love. The former have ulterior motives.
They want the midwife near, because she gives them milk.
The others love the beauty of the nurse.

The former memorize the prooftexts of conformity, and repeat them.
The latter disappear into whatever draws them to God.

Both are drawn from the source. And movings from the mover. And love from beloved

So…this is ur command, a poem a day…
Be good ya..I’ll come before dawn..thats sound romantic


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  1. ephemeralbeing
    June 28, 2007 at 9:15 am

    it’s not a command, it’s a wish. 😀

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